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First Post – Mission Statement

7 years ago

It would probably be proper to start with an introduction – some kind of brief or ‘mission statement’. Not that I plan to really constrain things to any niche specificity; breakfast is fine, and we should talk about that, but sometimes it can be a hurdle between you and a truly great lunch.

To approach the sharp end of a point, I’ll be covering restaurants (primarily in London, since that is where I am based), recipes (especially in the comparing, contrasting and roadtesting sense) and occasionally drinks (of notable ABV).

I’ve been cooking for around 15 years now, with a varying level of commitment, starting with Japanese, then Thai and later Italian and Modern American. My cooking style is definitely geeky – I like to test, repeat and analyse what I’m making. Around four years ago I set up a pop-up restaurant called ArtForEating with my partner – at first a folly to fund a flight to Australia, but now a half-serious affair with performance, themes and even a mailing list (join here). I’ll ziplock this post with a photo from one of those events.

from ArtForEating's 'French Revolution'

Chèvre à la Coupe served with honey caviar and apricot lavender snail’s trail, from ArtForEating’s ‘French Revolution’

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